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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is Seniors for Safe Driving available to take as an online course?

Yes. click on the ONLINE COUSE link to begin.

2.  What address do I mail my check to?

Seniors For Safe Driving - P.O. Box 2132 - Butler, PA 16003

3.  I just registered for a class that is less than three days away. Should I send my tuition fee in?

No! You can pay your tuition at the beginning of the class.

4.  Who do I make my check out to?

S.F.S.D. or Seniors For Safe Driving

5.  Why haven't you cashed my tuition check, I mailed it to you 6 weeks ago?

We only cash your check when you have completed the class.

6.  Why are there two different types of programs presented by Seniors For Safe Driving?

Two day programs (7 class hours) must be attended by those individuals who have never participated in a senior driving program in the past.

One day programs (4 class hours) is considered a refresher program and may only be attended by those individuals who have completed a two day program in the past.

Note: These rules are established by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, not by Seniors For Safe Driving. Our program is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and we must follow these rules to the letter... Sorry, no exceptions.

7.  How much money can I save on my automobile insurance premium if I complete a Seniors For Safe Driving program?

You can save 5% of your total premium for a period of three years.   There are a couple of insurance companies that offer 10% for a three year period.   It is mandated by Pennsylvania state law that your insurance company must give you a minimum of a 5% discount for a three year period.

8.  After I complete a Seniors For Safe Driving program, how long of a period will I continue to receive the insurance discount?

From the day you receive your insurance discount, it will remain in effect for a period of three years.   Following the three year period you must take a refresher course to renew your discount for an additional three year period.   Refresher classes can be completed in one day (4 class hours).

9.  How will I know when my three year insurance discount is about to expire?

If your three year certification was earned through a Seniors For Safe Driving program, we will keep track of that date for you.   Three months prior to your expiration date, we will send you a reminder card informing you it's time to sign up for a refresher program.   If you took the class from another organization, we do not have that information on file. You are on your own.

10.  I keep calling your 800 # (800-559-4880) and I never get to talk to a real person.   All I ever get is a recording, I leave a message an no one ever calls me back.   What in the world is going on?

We are fielding over 100 telephone calls daily.   We just hired another secretary to help with the increased number of telephone calls.   That helped, however, it did not completely solve the problem.   Yes, if you leave a message with your name and telephone number, we do return all phone calls as soon as possible.   When we return your phone call, hopefully you are at home. If you are not home, we will leave a message, please try our 800 number again.   Sorry, we do not have time to play telephone tag.

11.  What is the easiest way to register for a Seniors For Safe Driving program?

The easiest way to register for Seniors For Safe Driving program is via the internet.   Our web address is: or

12.  I need to FAX Seniors For Safe Driving some important information.   What is your FAX telephone number?


13.  What are the various ways I can contact Seniors For Safe Driving?

By telephone: Class Registration 800-559-4880
Office Telephone # 724-283-0245
Fax Telephone # 724-283-8845
Web site for on-line class registration: or
Email Seniors For Safe Driving or

14.  I have attended a two day program in the past from another organization and I can't find my certificate.   How do I prove I attended a two day program in the past, so I will be eligible for a one day (4 hour) refresher course?

A note or a telephone call from your insurance agent stating you have received the Senior driving discount in the past will do.

15.  Can I attend a Seniors For Safe Driving program without pre registering for the class?

Yes & No.

All our class sponsors have a predetermined number of seats for each class. All our location are not the same and the number of seats varies. Yes, if the class isn't sold out, we will accept you into the program if your just walk in. However, if you want to attend a refresher course you must be able to prove you have attended a program in the past. You must present the instructor with a copy of a course completion certificate you earned in the past. (Please check Question #13). If you want to attend a two day program, and there is room in the class and the instructor has enough materials with him/her, you are welcome. The safest way is to be guaranteed a seat, and the only way to do that is through the pre registration process.

16.  How do I pre register for a future class?

You can pre register for a class by calling 800-559-4880 or you can register on-line at this website. Just click on the class schedule, click on the month you would like to attend a program, select the class location you want attend, click on that class, fill out the form, and click on the button. It's that easy.

17.  I registered for a class but I have not received my e-mail confirmation?

Please allow 1 business day to receive your confirmation....If it has been MORE than 1 business day.....check your "junk" or "spam" folder. Your e-mail settings may be recognizing the reply from Seniors For Safe Driving as an advertisement. If it is not in your "junk" or "spam" folder you can send an e-mail to and our off-line team will research your registration. It may be something simple such as your e-mail spelling being off.

18.  I completed the program and my insurance company denied me the 5% discount. What is going on here?

1.  You have someone listed on your insurance policy who is UNDER the age of 55
2.  You are driving a vehicle titled as a COMMERCIAL vehicle.
3.  You have and an accident in the past three years that you were responsible for causing. How do you know if you were held responsible for causing the accident? Answer: If your insurance company paid the are responsible.
4.  You have received a ticket for a moving violation. Your insurance company has the right to deny you the 5% insurance discount even thought you completed the program.

Note: There are exceptions to every rule and your insurance company has the right to issue a discount even thought you may have violated on of the four rules listed above. If you violated one of the above rules, before you take the class, call your insurance agent and see if they would be kind enough to extend you the 5% discount.

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